Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Song Report

Every January I look back through the records of the liturgies for the year to review the songs we have used at Reformation Covenant Church. 

This year we sang 145 different hymns, which is a little up from last year at 131.
We sang 84 different Psalm settings, but 11 were duplicates (we know different versions of one Psalm, or we know different portions of one Psalm in different settings-like Psalm 119). So we sang 73 different Psalms last year. Not as good as the Medieval monks who sang through the Psalter every week, but we are making progress (we sang 64 different settings last year). Most of the 84 different settings are metrical Psalms, but we also know a few through-composed Psalms and an Anglican-chant setting or two.

In the future I would like to see that number of Psalms go up at a faster rate compared to the hymns, and eventually get the numbers closer to equal and maybe even more Psalms than hymns.