Thursday, December 17, 2009

Funk Quote

“Thus morally considered, it is certainly our duty to cultivate this talent for the blessings which society and the world may reap therefrom; but upon the Christian it has double claims; it is the language of heaven; it had its birth in the bright plains of the heavenly Paradise near the throne of the ETERNAL; it is the language in which the ransomed host of heaven unceasingly present their adoration an dpriase before the throne of God and the Lamb; the art of the Prophets and saints of old; the language of the apostles, primitive Christians, martyrs and reformers.

Shall the cultivation of a talent with which is associated the worship of the inhabitants both of heaven and earth be neglected by the chosen people of God? [emphasis added]

Can they permit their voices to be mute when all the earth is called upon to ‘sing praises’ to Jehovah? Certainly it is the Christian’s duty, to say nothing of his privilege, to cultivate all the talents which God has mercifully and kindly bestowed upon him; it is doubly his duty to cultivate those talents which he is called upon to exercise in the edifications of the saints, and for the worship of God, and so soon as he fully estimates its claims, and the importance of its cultivation, his enlightened mind and philanthropic heart will lead him to desire its cultivation by all those who are the especial objects of his care—those of his own household; nor will it stop here; he will use his influence to promote the happiness of his neighbor, and the good of the church and community around him.”

From the March 1860 issue of The Southern Musical Advocate and Singer's Friend.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The World According to Joseph Funk

I found these quotes while working on my research regarding Joseph Funk.

Taken from "The Southern Musical Advocate and Musician's Friend," May, 1860.

"MUSIC-WHAT IS IT? It is the language of Heaven! the medium of feeling! the solace of the lot of all! a flower of perennial bloom. Take her away from earth, and dark would be our passage to the tomb. Life would be a gloomy period and the world a barren waste."

A little flowery....but has a couple good points.

Another good one:
“Like woman, another of heaven’s gifts to man, it [music] 'doubles our joys and divides our sorrows;’ and, like her too, it finds its most appropriate place and its sweetest influence, in the bosom of the family.”

I'll leave you to think about that one!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

George Fox University Christmas Concert

I just got home from participating in the first of three Christmas concerts this weekend put on by George Fox University. Over 150 performers and a sold out audience of around 1200.
I'm in the back row, second from the end on the right. You can't really see me...
It was a great concert!